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Vampire Knight Ending

I know what you are thinking – Ashley! This is late! I know… I have been a terrible blogger. I work with computers all day and when I get home the thought of getting back on a computer kind of makes my eyes role up in the back of my head.

Before I get started I will let you know I am a BIG Zero fan and an even bigger Zero/Yuuki fan. I don’t like Kaname – I really tried to but couldn’t. So if you love Kaname you will probably get really angry with my post. I’m not trying to diss people who love him. I’m not trying to start a fight so please just move on if you feel offended. I’m simply stating my opinion on the story as a Zeki fan. Thanks! (stating your opinion is fine as long as you aren’t out right being ugly though)

Anyway, Vampire Knight is now over. I have mixed feelings about it – that I have gotten out over LiveJournal, either on the community or on my private account. As an avid Zeki fan – if you couldn’t tell by my website – I am slightly happy that Yuuki ended up with Zero in the end.

The downfall to it all was that she didn’t actually make the choice herself. She never does for anything! Hino made a really useless heroin that couldn’t seem to do anything without having the two men she loved tell her what to do next. I felt like she was trying to keep all her fans happy by that type of ending. It made me really sad for Yuuki because she had so much potential to turn into something amazing. I felt like we got teased by the scene when she had butterfly wings come out. DX


So, while I’m happy she did decide to be with Zero I’m annoyed that Kaname had to be ‘gone’ for her to do it. Not only be gone but he told Yuuki that she should be with Zero. I’m not thinking that she did it just because he said so – all the scenes before this pointed to her strong attachment and feelings for zero – it is just kind of irritating when the character can’t be strong enough to make up her mind and have the other guy back out first.

It did bring me back to the days of when I was reading Peach Girl and Momo ends up staying with the guy who couldn’t let go of her instead of the one that was just like – it’s all up to you. I really praise the author of that story for making Momo choose because of that – it is more realistic. Of course there were other stupid things of that but you can’t expect a great story line for a romantic shoujo, lol.

Sadly, that didn’t bother me to the most. The worst part were some scenes in the last two chapters.

What was with that group hug and Zero’s stupid speech?! UUGGG Seriously Hino? That makes no sense since the two guys still should hate each other. Blah! Talk about out of character! It was a seriously sad attempt at trying to make it seem like Kaname hadn’t ruined Zero’s life because Zero had ‘forgiven’ him (yeah right). DX RAWR I’m just glad Zero did not return Kaname’s stupid hug. orz

I think Hino liked Kaname so much that she ended up messing up the story since she didn’t want to just push his character aside for the real couple of the series. orz I did – despite not really liking Kaname much – love his ending. How he finally got to wake up and be human after so many years of suffering alone as an original pure blood. That might have been the most sensible ending for him and while some people think it is sad because he is alone I don’t think so at all. It is a chance for him to actually have a normal life and be happy instead of all those horrible and sad memories he always got to carry around.

Plus people are like – what if his memories come back like Yuuki?! I shake my head to that because  – one, they now have a cure for vampires and two, just because Yuuki had trouble with hers doesn’t mean they all do. Yuuki was not the only pure blood to have been turned into a human. They spoke about it a little bit with one of the other pure bloods, how his wife died changing his children and he got to watch as they grew up and died and so on and so on with their children. So… yeah, Yuuki was a special case, probably because she was still linked with Vampires.

Now everyone is just hoping for some ‘extra’ chapters about Zero and Yuuki’s life together. I wouldn’t mind seeing that and maybe one about Kaname as a human too. I really doubt it is going to happen so I will just have to turn to fanfiction.

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