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Wedding and Moving Plans

Things are starting to really pick up. I’m moving out of my house in two weeks and before long my sister’s wedding is coming up. She is getting married on June 20th. I’m finally feeling better after my surgery ordeal so I’m in better spirits again. It’s kind of crazy what the side effects of pain medications and anesthesia can do to your mood. I suppose not feeling 100% doesn’t help either.

I’m only a little nervous about going back to work full time again. Especially since it will be boring because I can’t do anything but answer phones and tickets that keep me at my desk. orz

We already got my manga and anime packed up. It feels so sad to pack those again but we needed to do it when my sister’s fiancee was around to help since I’m not allowed to do anything for another 2-3 weeks. No lifting, pulling, reaching or holding things over 5lbs. 0_0 It’s a real bother because I almost feel well enough to do anything but I know I’m not and I don’t want to go back to hospital so I will be good.

However, I did feel well enough to take some pictures of my sister and her fiancee. I want to do more soon but I couldn’t over do it. I think my doctor might have been mad at me for what I just did but I don’t care. I was bummed because I wanted to get pictures of them together to put in the slide show for their wedding.

Here are some of my favorites.




Other than that, I don’t have much else to say. I suppose I could show you my battle scar though. 0_0 It is healing up nicely. If I take good care of it I won’t have much of a scar. The doctor did a good job at keeping it as small as possible though he had to go through my small intestine three times.


8 thoughts on “Wedding and Moving Plans”

  1. Nice to see some recovery process. I can understand why the doctor was a bit frustrated by the overexertion. Keep up the good work, and take care! What kind of job is this again? Sorry I missed it somewhere.

    Great pic of your sister and her fiancee. Congrats to the two of them in advance, and I’m sure it will be an exciting new chapter added to their lives!
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    1. I’m confused by your comment “I can understand why the doctor was a bit frustrated by the overexertion. ” My doctor wasn’t frustrated about anything. I did make a joke that if he knew he would probably scold me though. lol

      I’m I.T. so computers, printers, and so on so forth. XD

      Thanks, I’m sure. ♥

  2. Moving day! That’s a big change and new adventure in itself! Time surely flies by quick and you’d hardly have a chance to take a breath but beautiful captures of your sister and her other half. They’re really amazing shots. What camera do you use?
    Glad to see that your recovery is going well. Definitely check out Bio Oil… that’s what helped my scar look non existent until you look for it.
    Hope it continues to go well, and less stress means recovery better 🙂

    1. LOL tell me about it. I haven’t been able to stay in one place for a year in the past few years. I’m tired of moving. orz

      Thank you, glad you like them. I took them with my Nikon D40 this time since that camera is not as heavy as my Nikon D7000. Both are great cameras but I’m partial to Nikon.

      Thanks for the idea, I will have to give it a try. So far I’m just messaging the thing and putting on vitamin E. I do have mederma but that stuff is kinda hard on the skin so I needed another thing to try.

  3. Whaaa. Congratulations to your sister & her fiancé! How exciting that they’re tying the knot soon. Although your doctor ordered you to bed rest, I’m sure you didn’t try to dangle upside to get any shots for your sister & her fiancé. Congratulations to you on a successful surgery & here’s hoping to a quick & healthy recovery. Painkillers can really just make you loopy so take good care of yourself & heal quickly. 🙂
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  4. Your sister’s wedding is coming up so soon! She and her fiance look cute together 🙂

    I hope packing and moving is going well. That was nice of your sister’s fiance to help with the heavy moving. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to over doing it! The incision looks like it’s healing well too. I hope it won’t scar much! If it does, you can make up some cool story about how you won a knife fight or something 😉 That’s what my brother did when he had surgery, haha.

    Good luck with moving! I hope things will be back to normal soon!
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  5. Nice to see you’re recovering nicely. You and me have some battle scar stories to tell each other. Lol I’m still recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction surgery, but I can see yours is more unique and more intensive. I understand about the painkillers and etc; they really do affect your moods.
    Also, those pictures are nice and pretty 🙂
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  6. Good luck with the move – I bet it’s so annoying having to keep stuff packed up for such a long time.

    Those photos are so cute – I love the second one – such a great idea!

    Hope you’re feeling better after your surgery, and hopefully it’s not too long until you’re allowed to do things again!! Glad that your surgery went well

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