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Week from Hell

Once again, just in case, I’ve been told by two people now that they are getting 403 errors when trying to comment, and only sometimes. I turned off a plugin that may be the culprit but please let me know at if you still get it cause then I have another beef with my web host and may need to find another one.

I’m so glad it is Friday because this week has been complete and utter hell. So many systems breaking because of updates. It’s making it nearly impossible to get any work done. Not to mention I have been suffering with migraines, but what I thought was just sinus pressure. To make things worse, those migraines have been making me moody as hell and weepy. I mean, I had a situation at work that I usually handle much better and don’t let it bother me, but it made me cry! I had to run away from my desk to go and cry in secret! It was damn embarrassing! I knew something was wrong after that so I forced myself to see a Urgent Care doctor.

He told me what I was having was migraines, not just sinus pressure. Gave me a painful shot that has my butt still sore today – haha. Then gave me migraine medication. I hope it starts to help soon, I still got the tension and pain this morning. I’m trucking on through though, trying to make it to work feeling like this and getting treated like dirt for it. DX

I will go into more detail on my locked journal, so if you are curious check it out there.

The weather here has been insane! I know most of ya’ll have heard of all the rain and flooding in Texas. Well, I live in Texas – thankfully not in one of the city’s that is getting really bad flooded. However, every day I get a flash flood warning on my phone. My town is not built for much water so even when it doesn’t rain long so many roads and stuff become to dangerous to drive on.

Anyway, I saw the clouds coming in but thought I had time to make it to the pharmacy for my migraine medication before anything hit. I mean, I left when there was still blue sky out! However, I was VERY wrong. I was halfway from my home and the pharmacy, driving on the freeway, when it got really dark fast and the rain came pelting down. That wasn’t the worst of it, so many flashes of lighting and then wind speeds up for 60mph! My car could hardly stay in it’s lane and – because the wind was strong – the rain was hitting like a fire hose, causing visibility problems. I was so scared!

I made it to walgreens and got soaked just from the small walk from my car to the store. Then they locked me in because the sirens went off. I wasn’t worried about a tornado though. My town, ever since they fucked up and didn’t sound the sirens one time when we actually got a tornado, they turn them on for any storm at this point just to be safe. Once they turned off I was like, you better let me go. I really don’t want to die in a walgreens. LOL

Plus it was freezing in there and I was soaking wet! I made the drive to my mother’s apartment after that,t because she lived closer, and waited out the worst of the storm. Didn’t get home until 10pm that night.

I think, the next time I see clouds coming I’m just going to stay home and hold my blankie. DX Talk about crazy!

I get the feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of sleeping this weekend. Sigh.

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  1. I read your entry on your other journal, and it sounds like you’ve had a very frustrating week 🙁 (Sorry, I’m really bad about checking LJ now!) Having migraines on top of that is terrible too!

    The rain lately has been crazy. I know Texas needs rain, but I’m so tired of it. Unfortunately, Austin was one of the cities that flooded, and the downtown areas got it pretty bad because the river overflowed. I’m glad your city was ok, though that sucks that you got soaked on the way to Walgreens!

    I hope next week will be much better for you! Have a good weekend!
    Cat recently posted..Project 52, part 5My Profile

    1. I am too actually, I’m not sure why I post there I think only 2 maybe 3 people even check it now-a-days. LOL

  2. I live in the DFW area and it was crazy with all the storms/rain, and it flooded a bit of 360 and other highways, not to mention it made the Trinity River overflow. People died, too 🙁 which made me sad most of all. Glad it wasn’t too bad where you were at! Yeah, I’m pretty sick of it, too. Hopefully this week will be better for Texas, and I hope you feel better 🙂

    Hope this week will be better for you and hopefully for me, as well~
    Michelle recently posted..Decided MysteriesMy Profile

    1. Yeah, that is terribly sad people dying from the floods. DX

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