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Guys, the migraines have finally calmed the fuck down! I had one for over a week and no shot or medication would stop it. Doctor made me go to E.R. to get an emergency Cat Scan of my head. There was nothing wrong with it, but they were talking about doing a spinal tap on me.


I said – no thanks. It would be pointless, all the spinal tap would tell is if I have viral meningitis or not. If I did, there would be no treatment I would just have to wait for my body to heal.

It was pure torture. I got 5 shots in my butt and 2 in my neck. Then put on IV and given two more injections which made me feel really weird and jittery. I did not like that one bit. One of the injections in my butt gave me breathing trouble too (stopped breathing in the night had to literally tell myself to take a breath, scary). It was like everything was just making it worse.

I’m finally back at work, my neck is still a little stiff and my head pounds a little but I can function now. I just hope it doesn’t come back. I made an appointment with my dentist though. I caught myself clenching and grinding my teeth in the night. If I’m grinding and waking up in the night over and over that could be a cause of all this head trouble.

I’m going to keep putting ice on my head and heat on my shoulder areas (not at same time of course) to see if that reliefs the tightness in my neck pain.


I really feel for people who get migraines chronically. If I have this again I don’t know how I will survive. My stomach problem was enough of an issue for me. HUMPH

P.S. All the drugs they gave me for migraines messed up my stomach again. I had to take some stuff to help me go and OMG it was bad, I was up all last night trying not to go in my pants! *cries*

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  1. This sounds a lot like what I went through starting in 2011–had all sorts of scans and tests and never could find anything wrong with my head, but my head hurt so bad (especially while trying to sleep) that I was just about bedridden. The pain literally never went away for about 8 months, and no drug helped.

    These never-ending headaches (which I thought were migraines) weren’t actually migraines at all, though! Part of it was that I had infected wisdom teeth (YUCK), and part of it was that my slumped neck and shoulder posture was causing my trapezius muscles to spasm and choke the nerves in my neck and head. But since I got my wisdom teeth out in 2011 and started seeing a chiropractor in 2013, my headaches are greatly reduced–now I know how to treat my neck tension at home with stretches, cold packs, and Advil instead of countless prescriptions and injections. I also use a single chiropractic neck pillow instead of two pillows, which keeps my neck from cramping up at night. Plus, I am trying to train myself to sit up straighter (especially while driving) so that my neck muscles don’t have a reason to go batpoo crazy on me.

    If nothing has helped so far, it might not be a bad idea to ask around for a good chiropractor–the best ones don’t just pop your neck for you, but give you a real medical diagnosis and self-care advice for warding off problems at home. One thing’s for sure, I was about ready to go to a neurologist until I saw a chiro at the suggestion of a good friend.

    1. OMG that sounds horrible! I can’t believe you had to suffer like that for so long! I can’t even imagine it. I wanted to just die from the week long of pain I had.

      Ouch, infection, yeah that would be the start of what is going on.

      Ah, yeah I don’t want to take anymore injections or prescription meds. Mostly because of my stomach, it just makes that situation worse. However, I’m doing what you do with stretches, cold packs, and OTC meds. I got a special pillow for watching my TV too.

      I will keep that in mind. I’m pretty sure my headaches are coming from my jaw clenching and grinding in my sleep. I woke up to doing it once and now I try to make all the efforts to loosen my jaw when trying to sleep.

  2. Oh no, that sounds awful. Hope you feel better soon! Is there really nothing they can do ?

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    1. Thankies ♥
      I really think it is connected to another one of my problems and that my grinding of my teeth and clenching of my jaw is not helping. So at least there are some ideas XD

  3. My body hates me too. I’ve sick for nearly a whole month and now it ends with bronchitis. Hope you find what it is, and my cousin had viral meningitis and she said it was a pain.
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  4. Ouch, that’s so many shots D: I’m glad the migraines have calmed down at least!

    I hope the appointment with your dentist goes well. I’ve also heard that clenching and grinding your teeth can cause migraines. I had a test done to see if I was doing that, so they did several measurements on my bite. They were able to adjust my teeth a little, so I’m hoping it solves the problem I was having? (I didn’t have migraines, but they think that my gums were irritated by teeth grinding.) Before I had the measurements done, I had to fill out a questionnaire and the whole thing was asking if I had headaches.

    I hope they figure something out for your migraines!
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