Youtube, Interview and more!

Wow! Another blog entry before August is over (though I’m cutting is very close). Guys, I really want to try and be a lot more active online again. I hope I can do it. I did it once so hopefully I can do it again, haha. Anyway, I want to start by saying that I’m going to try and do some youtube videos. It won’t be like doing a video a week or anything but whenever I have something to mention on video or if someone makes a request I will make one. I posted my introduction video – though the quality is terrible because I used my camera on my laptop. I will use my nicer camera in the future. You can see it – Just a Short Introduction 2015.

So, as the video says you can make a request on what you might like me to talk about or something you like for me to do. I will give it my best shot! 🙂

Also, a young man named Jim did an interview of me on his youtube channel called BroSpeak. I was kind of surprised that anyone would want to interview me but it was an honor and I enjoyed doing it. Sorry the quality is crap! I swear I need to update some of my stuff. orz – Interview of me – Ashley Aguilar

It’s interesting the new people I’m meeting online, pretty fun though. I might be going on someones PodCast to talk about cosplay as well. This came to me because of the Mini Con my town held. They had a small cosplay contest and I decided to join it for fun. I hope things like that keep happening in my town. You can see more about that Mini Con at my cosplay blog –

I will be posting some pictures of my home again soon. I have made a lot of changes – especially to my bedroom and my project room.

I’m getting back into craft projects and going to start sewing again soon too. I always love when summer comes to an end because I tend to want to do more when falls comes around. I guess I’m not much of a person for the outdoors and heat. 🙂

Hopefully I will have more things to talk about on my blogs again. I’m getting tired of it being about my illness and diet. Let’s go back to fun stuff!